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Dear Visitor,

Welcome! It is indeed my great pleasure to invite you to visit the Official Website of Tanzania High Commission in New Delhi, India.

This website is intended to meet the desire of the General Public and the Government/Public Institutions for accessing information on our High Commission operations and the various socio-economic and technical aspects related to the bilateral cooperation between Tanzania and the countries of accreditation to this High Commission.  In addition, the website provides some information which I believe will   enrich the visitor’s general knowledge and awareness about Tanzania’s Economy, Political Environment, Governance, History, Geography and Climate.

For the private sector, the website serves as a source of information on the prevailing business environment and the available opportunities for Investment, Trade, Tourism and Cultural Exchanges between Tanzania and other countries, including those accredited to this High Commission.

Through this website, you are able to access information on how to obtain Visas and Tanzania Passports as well.
In order to keep you abreast with the latest developments in the respective areas of interest to you, the High Commission will continuously keep on updating the website.

Dear visitor, in case of any need for further information, clarification or giving your comments, please don't hesitate to contact our High Commission through the following address: 

High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania
Address: EP - 15 C, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi,
110021, India.
Tel: +91 - 11 - 2412 2864, 2412 2865 
Fax: +91 -11 – 2412 2862

It is my hope that you will continue to be a regular visitor to our website.





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