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Important Notice to the Tanzanians Living in INDIA

Kindly be informed that The Mission will start issuing New Passports soon and wish to bring to attention that our passports will no longer be valid come January 2020.

Please be informed that Tanzania Passport application forms can be obtainedat the High Commision of United Republic of Tanzania in New Delhi, INDIA and THEY ARE NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE

All passport applicants must submit all the requirede documents at the time of applying a passport.

Procedures for Issuance of New Passports

The government of Tanzania has introduced machine readable passports (New Generation Passport) from March 24, 2005. Among other reasons, the aim of this decision is to control the forgery of our national passports

Procedures for application of the new passports through High Commission are as follows:-

1. All new passports will be issued at the Immigration Department Headquarters in Dar es Salaam and in Zanzibar.

2. The application for a new passport should be submitted at the High Commission by the applicant in person. The High Commission has been delegated to process all applications from holders of the old authentic Tanzanian passports.

3. The High Commission will then send the completed application forms, relevant documents and passport fee to the Immigration Headquarters for the issuance of new passports. The Immigration Headquarters will then send the new passports to the relevant applicants through the High Commission

Passport fee

The application forms costs 10US$ each and the passport fee is 40US$. Therefore the total cost for a new passport is 50 US$.. It should be noted that the applicant would be required to re-pay for any replacement of the application form. So accuracy should be observed during the process of filling the forms.

Application forms

The application forms are available at the Chancery. You are advised to download the SAMPLE application form, study and understand the contents and prepare all the necessary information. The original application form will be issued by the Passport Officer during the meeting with him/her.

pdf icon Click on the PDF icon to download the Passport application sample form.

save the download (file) in your desired disk drive then print.

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6. The applicant will be required to sign the properly filled application form in presence of a Passport Officer using a special designated pen and his/her fingerprints will be taken The applicant is required to submit 5 passport size photos with a sky blue background. The recommended size is 4.5cm × 4.0 cm.

8. The applicant is also required to submit his/her previous passport for verification, together with copies of page 1 - 4, last page that shows the Dossier Number, the page with visa/permit and a copy of a his/her resident permit.

9. Other documents to be submitted are indicated on the application form. Please submit them if you didn't submit during the application of your previous passport. These documents include:

• Birth Certificate
• Proof of any change of name by Deed Poll
• Resident Permit / OCI
• Birth Certificate for either parent (holding Tanzania Nationality)
• Tanzania Citizen Registration for those who have.
• Passport of either parent (holding Tanzania Nationality)

10. The applicant will be allowed to retain his/her previous passport during the processing of the new passport. However, he/she will be asked to submit it to the High Commission through registered mail for cancellation when the new passport arrives. The High Commission will then send the new and the cancelled passport to the bearer.

Stolen or Lost Passport

The following documentation must be submitted when applying for another new passport after the old has been stolen or lost:-
• Police incident report
• News advertisement
• Notarized information on the passport loss
• Proof on being in India
• Birth Certificate (copy)
• Five passport photo with light blue background
• Finger prints must be taken at the High Commission only
• Fee of $ 100

Procedure for issuance of Emergency Travel Document

The following documents must be submitted when applying for Emergency Travel Documents:
• Three (3) passport size photos
• Copy of old passport.
• Letter explaining reason for applying for travel document
• Police Report If your old passport was stolen/lost.
• Fee is Rs. 2,000, Only in form of Demand Draft.

Application For the Renewal & Renunciation should be submitted at the Hign Commission by the Applicant in Person.

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